Replay: Guido Trinidad's Ring Muscle-Up Clinic

November 18, 2022
Replay: Guido Trinidad's Ring Muscle-Up Clinic

Last Saturday, November 12th, Peak 360 held a Ring Muscle-Up clinic hosted by Coach Guido to provide cues, techniques, and tips in how athletes can go from struggling to thriving in this difficult gymnastics movement. This clinic was designed for anyone who has 0-5 Ring Muscle-Ups, or athletes who are looking for accessory work that would help them achieve their first Ring Muscle-Up. In case you missed the clinic and were not able to make it, here are a few things that happened and were shared during the clinic:

Breaking Down The Ring Muscle-Up:

In the clinic, the first thing that Coach Guido talked about were the stages of the Ring Muscle-Up. He broke it down into three parts: the pull-up, transition, and finally the ring dip. Before putting these movements, Coach Guido had athletes perform accessory work, which included strict pull-ups and other strict movements that strengthen lats and arms in order to easily fly through the muscle up. After working on their strict movements, the athletes then put all of their work together by practicing strict Ring Muscle-Ups to link it all together.

The Results

Within this clinic session, many of the athletes who attended began to see a difference in their Ring Muscle-Up technique. One member, Ryan Monaghan, got his first strict Ring Muscle-Up after Coach Guido's guidance, where he completely flew over the rings with ease. Click on the photo below to see Ryan perform his very first strict Ring Muscle-Up during Saturday's clinic on our YouTube channel!

Click On The Photo To See Ryan's First Strict RMU!

To view the video, you can also click here.


In light of our Ring Muscle-Up clinic, we at Peak 360 challenge you to work on your gymnastic skills as well. Whether you are an expert or just starting out, we as athletes can always take the time to put in the work to get stronger and achieve our goals, from unbroken Ring Muscle-Ups to our very first one.

As a challenge, we leave you with a little homework to improve your strength that will help your gymnastics and Ring Muscle-Ups:

For 6-8 Weeks, 3 Times a Week Perform- AMRAP of Strict Pull-Ups and Rows for 4 rounds each.

We would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who showed up and participated in our Ring Muscle-Up clinic, and pose a challenge to all our Peak 360 members and followers to push their limits, reach their goals, and always practice gratitude.

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