Firing Up For Peak 360's In-House Competition

When birthdays and anniversaries come around, it is a time of not only celebration, but also reflection.
May 3, 2023
Firing Up For Peak 360's In-House Competition
Peak has now entered into its 13th year as a gym, family, and community.

When birthdays and anniversaries come around, it is a time of not only celebration, but also reflection. It is a time to celebrate in our growth as athletes, as people, and as a family that comes together to not only do fitness together, but to connect with each other within our special community. Peak 360 would not be the gym it is today without its leaders and every coach, member, and drop-on we have ever had. In our 13th year as a community, we will only continue to work harder, love harder, celebrate our accomplishments, and push each other to our very limits!

In honor of our 13th year anniversary, we are going to celebrate in the best way we know how at Peak 360: an in-house Crossfit competition!

Grab your training partner, favorite member in your class, or even a member you have never spoken to before and sign up to compete in Peak 360's VERY OWN IN-HOUSE COMPETITION on Saturday, October 22nd from 8am to 1:30pm.

Teams of 2- Same Gender!
The Divisions Are As Follows:
- Fitness
- Performance
- Sport
- Masters 90Y+

in house compettion

Ready to put your strength, endurance, and perseverance to the test?

Here are the Workouts that Teams will Complete in the In-House Competition!

4 Workouts in 60 mins:
WOD 1- For Time:
Hang Cluster
Double Hop Lateral Burpee

WOD 2- 15 min AMRAP:
(1x) 13 Muscle Ups
(2x) 13 Snatches
26 HIGH Wall Balls
(MAX REPS) 3/2 Rope Climb
13 Cal Echo Bike

WOD 3- For Time:
80 C2B
2000m Run (Split into 500s)
80 T2B
200 Dubs (EACH)
2000m Row (Split into 500s)

WOD 4- 1 Rep Max Clean and Max Front Squats
(Every FS = 3lbs)

Watch Our Video On The Workouts HERE!


7:30 AM - Athlete & Volunteer Check-in Open

8:00 AM - Check-in Closes

8:15 AM - Athlete Briefing

8:45 AM - Heat 1 - Fitness Division

10:00 AM - Heat 2 - Performance & Masters Division

11:15 AM - Heat 3 - Performance & Masters Division

12:30 PM - Heat 4 - Performance & Masters Division

1:30 PM - Awards Ceremony & Legacy Member Presentation

///// Judging Schedule

- Heat 2 - Judges Heat 1
- Heat 1 - Judges Heat 2
- Heat 4 - Judges Heat 3
- Heat 3 - Judges Heat 4

** Exact Team Names on Schedule will be released on Wednesday Oct 19th before midnight (registration Deadline)**

Teams Who Are Facing Off In the Competition Include:

- THE PLIABILITY PAPIS: Ruben Moya and Nick Canyock
These two are avid 5:00pm goers and as their name implies- the ultimate Papis of Pliability, which they use to level up their mobility game after every class they attend together. They will be crushing it and PERFORMing together in the PERFORMance division!

- BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: Rosie Alfaro and Christine Gerber
Competing in the fitness division, these two ladies are leaders of the 9:15 am class! Rosie has been a member since April of 2009, one of our of longest standing members at Peak 360 since its opening. If you have ever met Rosie, you know that she is one of the sweetest yet hardworking members of the gym! The other half of her team, Christine Gerber, has been an athlete at Peak for 9 months and is a marketer for a youth sports management software! She is extremely close on getting her HSPUs, so we are excited to see her progress with them in the third workout!

- FBGM: Katie Price and Alex Blanco-Morgalo
In the Sport Division, we have Team FBGM, which is comprised of Katie and Alex! Price is a one of Peak 360's very own coaches, who competed on Team Peak, who competed on Teak Peak at the MACC back in May! She is an avid foodie, and no doubt will have her dog Taz cheering for their team on the sidelines. Blanco-Morgalo is a mother of two kids, and is the definition of an OG member of Peak as well. Alex and Katie are 5:30 am monsters, and are definitely hungry to annihilate their competition!  

Best of luck to each of our teams competing in all divisions!

As We Close Out, Here are THIRTEEN Things to Remember and Always Abide by in Life, Both In and Outside of the Gym:

- You are Capable, You are Strong, You are Worthy!
- Be Proud of WHO You are, and How FAR You've Come
- Remember your Why- What DRIVES you?
- Set Goals and Put in the Work To Crush Them
- Take Time For Gratitude
- Enjoy the Process
- Support Those Around You
- Family Over Everything
- Stay Competitive
- Celebrate Your Wins, Both Big and Small
- You are Capable of More than What You Think!
- Always Smile and Have Fun
- Last Set, Best Set!

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