Justin Hopman

Justin Hopman


Deadlift: 465 Snatch: 207 Back squat: 365 Strict Press 205. Placed 3rd at Wodapolooza in the Masters Division and 3rd Place at Crush Games in the Masters Division.


Crossfit Level 2

About Coach

Just before I was introduced to Crossfit by my wife Suzell I weighed almost 300 pounds and had a heart disease and just received a Pacemaker. I was on three medication‘s high blood pressure medication, thyroid medication and high cholesterol medication. With the help of Guido and Virginia and all the Coaches at Peak I was able to lose 80 pounds and get off all medication. I now have been coaching at Peak for almost 8 years. This place changed my life.

Turning Point

My turning point was when I woke up one night and my wife Suzell was checking to see if I was still breathing. It was just before getting my pacemaker and she feared that I would die in my sleep. I knew then that I had to make a change. Peak helped me transform my health to where it is today. I can’t thank them enough.

Motivation & Passion

I hope to help others accomplish things they never felt they could. I want teach them what I have learned and help them over come their obstacles and accomplish all their goals.

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