James Keeler

James Keeler


Snatch #290

Power Clean #360

Thruster #300

DL #545

Strict Press #250

Strict Pull-ups 30

Box Jump 62"


CrossFit Level 2

Yoga Teacher Training 200

Spartan SGX

About Coach

I've always been extremely active and an adrenaline seeker, so naturally, I gravitated to the thrill & challenge of sports. Growing up my main sports were baseball, football, and track & field. Nowadays my main disciplines are Crossfit, yoga, hiking & functional bodybuilding. I've found balance within my training/programming over the years but will always go out full throttle no brakes mode. To seek comfort within discomfort mentality inside & outside the gym.

Turning Point

One turning point was when I finally quit bartending at the Fontainebleau and went all-in on coaching. For years I would bartend until 3-4 AM and then coach the 5:30 AM squad making ends meet while following my passion. Once my passion became my love, I then decided to follow my heart instead of my wallet & the rest is history. I'm eternally grateful for those special people in this Peak community who always believed in me when at times I didn't believe in myself. Another turning point was getting rhabdomyolysis in the 2020 Crossfit Open. To go from a life structured of one goal of qualifying for the CF games to not being able to even train for months and questioning your worth and identity was an essential wake-up call. I now know the importance of recovery, mobility, nutrition & recovery. I learned a lot about myself and the power of the mind through those challenging months. There is a positive in everything if we allow ourselves to see it and I now am thankful for my turning pointing as in the knowledge I've gained through all the books, articles, podcasts, seminars, youtube, etc... I marinated in with all my newly found downtime. All the mandatory PT work I had to get done cause I also blew out my back that night as well is where I met a guru in the field. I would pick his brain and nerd out about myofascial release, mobility hacks, and trigger point therapy. I would not have gained all this knowledge and evolved at this rate in my coaching career had it not been for throwing up blood, pushing my body past its capacity, and ultimately ending up in the hospital. I now share my knowledge through my struggles with my clients, friends, and family with the goal of making the world better one chaotic workout at a time. Thank you rhabdo.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose is service, with the intention to provide light where one may see darkness. Get jacked. Stay Jacked.

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