Aaron Helmly

Aaron Helmly


Snatch: 225

Clean: 285

Jerk: 315

Max Ring Muscle Ups: 20

Best Mile: 5:26


Masters in Applied Physiology

CrossFit Level 2 Certification

About Coach

Growing up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Lacrosse was the sport I played from an early age. Sailing, Soccer and basketball became the others sports that I played in order to be a well rounded athlete. Winning multiple lacrosse championships, one basketball championship and experiencing high level sailing around the world, athletics were a big factor in developing who I grew to be.

Turning Point

The biggest enemy I have had to deal with throughout my life is not being as talented or gifted as others around me. When I was young this used to tear me down and cause me not to partake in activities that I knew would expose me for the weaknesses that I had. Once I got cut from my middle school lacrosse team I remember talking to my parents and making a conscience decision that I would always be the hardest worker that I could be. Since I didn’t have the natural gifts that others had, I would have to make up for that by hard work and dedication. To this day this has been the largest factor in where I am in my life.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose in coaching is to help everyone achieve their goals through fitness. No matter who you are I believe that my purpose is to give you every opportunity to achieve those goals. With a strong background and education in sports performance, I also believe that I can help all athletes reach levels that they never thought possible. My motivation stems from being someone who has felt that they could never become the person that they wanted to be and now I want to help others get there.

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